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China confirms that abortion is a cause of breast cancer

It’s time that America and the West woke up from their dangerous denial that abortion is a cause of breast cancer. As the following quotes from an article by Carolyn Moyniham clearly show, IT IS.

“So why the deathly silence about a Chinese study published in a mainstream cancer journal in November and confirming one of the disputed risk factors for breast cancer?

In “A meta-analysis of the association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk among Chinese females,” published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, epidemiologist Yubei Hunag and colleagues reviewed 36 studies that investigated this link and found: among women who had only one abortion, an overall increased risk of developing breast cancer of 44 percent; after two abortions the risk increased by 76 percent, and after three abortions by 89 percent. The more abortions, the higher the risk. 

But Google the terms “China” “breast cancer” and “abortion” and you won’t find anything in the first forty results from the New York Times or the UK Guardian or the Sydney Morning Herald about the Tianjin Medical University study. It has been left to pro-life groups and Christian broadcasters to circulate.

Is the news blackout because what happens to Chinese women could not possibly be relevant to British or American or Australian women? Or is it because abortion has become the foundation on which the whole western edifice of “reproductive health” rests, and without which a new cultural revolution would be necessary?

As far back as 1957 a Japanese study had shown a link between induced abortion and breast cancer and there have been dozens of studies, including Chinese studies, with similar results since. In 1996 US biology professor and endocrinologist Joel Brind and colleagues reviewed the strongest of these and found a 30 percent increased risk of breast cancer after abortion. 

A study from Southern India published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine in May found a 6-fold greater risk of breast cancer among Indian women with a history of induced abortion compared to women with no history of abortion. In a similar study from Bangladesh published in the Journal of the Dakha Medical College in April increased risk from abortion was even higher – 20 times that of women with no abortions. That’s increases of 2000 percent and 600 percent!

Lei Fan and colleagues have hinted at a veritable tsunami of breast cancer threatening China as wave after wave of women who have been compelled to abort their babies in order to meet the rules of the Chinese fertility revolution grow older.

Women in the prosperous and free countries of the West are under no such compulsion, but they do suffer under a quasi-official rule that withholds from them information about abortion that may be vital to their health and their very lives.

Ironically, it is the totalitarian regime in China that may be setting the standard for freedom of information on this issue. Let’s see what happens next.”

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Domestic abuse by UK women alarmingly high

Although the UK Home Office’s British Crime Survey shows that every year 800,000 men suffer domestic abuse, British MEN still have great difficulty in persuading the police to take their complaints seriously.


The UK men’s charity ManKind runs a helpline for these men who are abused by women, and year on year their number is increasing. Men report that, when they do complain about domestic abuse by their wives and partners, the police seldom believe them and when they visit a home where domestic abuse has taken place they almost invariably arrest the man even when the abuse has been perpetrated by his wife or partner.


The situation is not helped by TV programmes like the BBC’s “Newsnight” on 7th January 2014 when it was implied that men are not victims of any domestic abuse. There was no mention of a single case where a woman had perpetrated domestic abuse against a man. This was despite the fact that the BBC had obviously consulted the British Crime Survey which clearly showed the true statistics.


The situation has now reached a critical stage and it is an urgent matter that the media should start giving men equal treatment with women.

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Massive rise in female violence in UK


 In 2010, for the first time in the history of crime in the UK, the main crime committed by women was violence.


The British Crime Survey show that 17 men were killed by their partners in England and Wales last year.

Forty percent of of reported domestic abuse victims were male.

Every year our helpline is seeing at least a 25per cent increase in the number of men seeking help,’ says Mark Brooks, chairman of Mankind, a charity for male victims. 

(For more information from this source go to:

female violence

The following quote from an article by Antonia Hoyle puts the matter in perspective:

“Why are so many MEN becoming victims of domestic violence? It’s one of Britain’s last remaining taboos, but abuse against men in the home is on the rise

  • More married men suffer abuse from their spouse than married women
  • These days, women move more in men’s worlds
  • They earn and compete with as much aggression as their male colleagues
  • Women are also fast catching up with men in the alchohol stakes

Michelle Mills was as impeccably groomed as she was well mannered. Her nails were neatly manicured; her blonde hair sleek. Her gentle nature and diminutive, 4ft 11in stature seemed perfectly suited to her career as a children’s nursery worker.

But Michelle’s pleasant demeanour masked an altogether more disturbing personality. Behind closed doors she was a volatile character, prone to irrational behaviour and violent outbursts, as her boyfriend Edward Miller would discover.

Michelle subjected Edward to an onslaught of abuse. He was scratched, punched and screamed at until one morning Michelle, brandishing a kitchen knife, stabbed him to death in the living room of their picturesque cottage in the pretty village of Scalford, Leicestershire.

The attack was so ferocious that that the knife blade broke away from the handle. In April, Michelle was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

‘Eddie was a kind man who would never hurt anyone,’ says his mother Sara Wrestle, blinking back tears. ‘I still can’t believe he’s gone. I want other men who are suffering at the hands of an abusive wife or girlfriend to seek help, so that nobody else loses their life like my son did.’

Troublingly, in a society where the roles of men and women are becoming increasingly blurred, female-on-male domestic violence is on the rise.”

There is a lot of action needed to combat this rise in female crime. Two are urgent:

1. Police officers must undergo immediate training in the equal treatment of men and women.

2. We must stop telling boys that they should “never hit a girl”. This is an ancient relic from the days when girls were loveable and fairly docile creatures. Let’s move into the twenty-first century!

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Mother’s Inhuman cruel treatment of her baby son

As has been pointed out many times in this blog, the myth that all women are kind and helpful creatures and that all men are villains has been repeated over and over again by feminists for the last 50 years. Consequently the activities of female pedophiles and the cruel treatment of children by their mothers have been swept under the feminist carpet.

But since the advent of many men’s groups, organisations and charities, mainly in European countries and the USA, the TRUE FACTS are gradually being made known. Some forward-looking newspapers are now realising how they’ve been hoodwinked by feminists (some of them on their own staff which made the hoodwinking easy) now realise the true situation and are printing the truth about some very unsavoury women.

This quotation from the Mail on Line is a case in point:

  • “Tony Wawrzynski of Nevada was informed by Georgia detectives that his long-lost son, now 18, is the alleged victim in a Georgia abuse scandal
  • Wawrzynski said his son, Mitch, was kidnapped by the boy’s mother 15 years ago
  • A retired policeman found Mitch in Los Angeles looking malnourished, confused and only around 12 or 13 years old  
  • Mitch told police he was put on a bus to California on his 18th birthday by his stepfather
  • He said his parents had barely fed him and forced him to stand on his tiptoes, facing a wall, with his hands on his head for eight hours every day
  • His two stepsisters said they could hear him cry and scream for food


A Nevada man’s 15-year search for his missing son has ended after the boy, now 18, was found wandering around Los Angeles following years of alleged abuse by his biological mother and stepfather. 

Tony Wawrzynski of Reno, Nevada says he hasn’t seen his son, Mitch, since the boy’s mother kidnapped him when he was just three years old. 

Wawrzynski has written dozens of letters and hired a private investigator to try and find the boy, but his mother had changed her name and moved across the country. 

As the years passed, Wawrzynski had all but given up hope that he would ever find his son. 

Then last week, a detective found one of Wawrzynski’s letters in the Georgia home of Sheila Comer, who is being investigated for allegedly locking her child in a room and starving him for years. 

That child’s name is Mitch, and investigators believe that he is the son who Wawrzynski lost so many years ago. 

Authorities called Wawrzynski last week and informed him of their discovery and the Nevada father was overjoyed, but also heartbroken over what investigators believe his son has endured. 

‘It’s been really hard on me, I mean, me and Mitch when he was a baby, we were really close,’ Wawrzynski told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. ‘We were inseparable. When Mitch was a baby, I was the one that fed him. I was the one that changed his diapers.’

Investigators say 18-year-old Mitch Comer was locked in a room in his home for years and was so malnourished that he still had his baby teeth and looked like a pre-teen. 

‘I thought he was a 12-year-old boy,’ said Georgia Detective Kevin Morgan at the bond hearing of Paul and Sheila Comer, who were arrested last month on charges of cruelty to children and false imprisonment.

Mitch Comer was just 5′ 1″ and weighed only 87 pounds when he was found wandering around downtown Los Angeles.

He was so neglected, his skin was translucent and he told investigators he hadn’t seen the sun in two years. He said he was confined to a bathroom and bedroom and wasn’t fed often, occasionally getting soup or cereal but little of substance, Morgan said. 

Wawrzynski said he’s not sure how much his son knows about him, since he was taken from him at such a young age. He is hoping to reunite with him at a Nov. 10 fundraiser for Mitch in Powder Springs, Georgia, he said. 

‘I definitely want some time for us to be able to talk and for him to get to know me,’ Wawrzynski said. ‘My hopes are definitely that I’m gonna have my son back.'”


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The truth about breast cancer

A few years ago when the UK government were giving 8 million pounds a year to try to cure breast cancer and a mere quarter of a million pounds for prostate cancer, it was obvious that men were being treated as second class citizens in the UK. But, despite all that massive funding, the incidence of breast cancer is still a huge worry for many women and their partners.

The problem is not helped by ignoring the true facts about breast cancer which is why I was pleased to see the short article by Louise Kirk telling the honest truth about it. For many years the so-called “pro-choice” brigade have been hoodwinking everybody that abortion has nothing to do with breast cancer but the FACTS prove otherwise. I have heard many people speak about breast cancer on BBC news programmes but I have never, so far, heard the fact that abortion is a contributory factor mentioned, despite the increasing medical evidence that it is.

For a women to have an abortion not only kills her child but also puts her own life at risk. The following will be interesting evidence to be considered by any couple considering an abortion:

“The honest truth about breast cancer

Louise Kirk | 10 Jan 2014 | 


I thought I might have it, judging by a headline this week. “Higher breast cancer risk in white women ‘is due to lifestyle’”, proclaimed The Times. The paper was quoting research from the University of Oxford which has found that South Asian women are 18 per cent and black women 15 per cent less likely to acquire the disease than white women, findings representing data taken from a million UK women over the age of 50.

But what interested me was that the research actually admitted that breast cancer is not just a genetic disease, important for some people though that can be. Nor is it just about what we eat. “Black and Asian women also tended to drink less, have more children, breastfeed more and use less hormone replacement therapy, all of which reduce the risk of breast cancer.” So, at last it is there in black and white: having children is good for women, and so is breastfeeding them.

The list isn’t complete, of course. Hormone replacement therapy uses a fraction of the hormones included in the Pill, that much more carcinogenic drug. And what about abortion? It is now well known that abortion, especially of first pregnancies, is connected with breast cancer.

I read on. “Every year 49,500 women are given a diagnosis of breast cancer and 11,600 die of the disease.” This is a serious killer in our country, and it is no wonder that Cancer Research UK, a well known and funded charity over here, should have helped to commission the Oxford research.

“Julie Sharp, of Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Women can reduce their risk by cutting down on alcohol, keeping a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet and by keeping active.”

Oh, so we are back to that mischievous silence again, back on that safe territory about healthy eating and taking exercise.

Now, I thought to myself as I left my breakfast paper and sat crossly in the car, you don’t have to be very clever to work this one out. Every woman, and even surely every man, knows that the breasts are integral to a woman’s reproductive system. What is going to have more impact upon their health: a rude interruption in nature’s design (be it by closing down the entire reproductive cycle through powerful drugs, the interruption of pregnancy, or the shutting out of their feeding function) or diet, weight and exercise?

So many women have already suffered for want of true advice. How sad that, even when their own research points to true answers, our cancer specialists still pander to feminist sensibilities rather than admit the truth.”


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Beware the lies told about domestic violence

It’s a well known fact, especially amogst politicians, that if you repeat a lie often enough it tends to be believed. 

In November, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (HR 3571). SAVE’s analysis of the bill’s Findings reveals only 3 of the 16 Findings are truthful.

Two weeks ago, Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler (aka, “The Fact Checker”) revealed that Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that domestic violence is the leading cause of death for African-American women was a total fabrication.

Several years ago the BBC put out a news broadcast stating that in the UK domestic violence was the leading cause of death amongst women. Even the most ardent feminists only claim 104 deaths per year from domestic violence in the UK. 800 women die every year in motor accidents and cancer kills thousands of women every year. It was a total and typical BBC lie!

A glance at the causes of death on the World Health Organization’s website reveals that domestic violence does not even rank in the top 10 causes of women’s deaths.

The following quotation will reveal the truth to those who wish to hear it:

“How is it possible that adherents of a radical gender ideology fashioned a brazen falsehood, and repeated the claim so often as to create a multi-billion dollar industry that relentlessly plays on persons’ sympathies, emotions, and fears?

Over the years, SAVE has devoted itself to analyzing the many claims by the domestic violence industry. Now, the truth is coming out:

1. In November, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (HR 3571). SAVE’s analysis of the bill’s Findings reveals only 3 of the 16 Findings are truthful. The remaining 13 Findings are Biased, Unverifiable, or outright prevarications:

2. Two weeks ago, Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler (aka, “The Fact Checker”) revealed that Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that domestic violence is the leading cause of death for African-American women was a total fabrication:

3. Over the last several months, SAVE has reviewed the information sheets of leading domestic violence organizations around the country. The “Fact Sheets” of all six groups received an F, meaning they all failed to provide accurate and unbiased information:

4. SAVE’s Special Report documents how the DV industry routinely disseminates myths in training programs for judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials, thus skewing the workings of the criminal justice system:

So exactly what is the “Big Lie” that undergirds the many Tall Tales of the domestic violence industry? It’s the ideological belief that men indulge in domestic violence as an exercise in patriarchal privilege, and that women are incapable of abuse.

Twenty years after passage of the Violence Against Women Act, it’s become clear that the Big Lie has had enormous consequences for families, for the American criminal justice system, and for taxpayers.

In 2014, SAVE’s focus will be to expose the Big Lie. Can you join us? These are ways you can help:

·         Sign the petition against the proposed International Violence Against Women Act:

·         Educate your colleagues and friends about the creative myths of the domestic violence industry

·         Consider making a year-end contribution to support SAVE’s truth-seeking mission:

Many thanks for your support as we work to restore justice, protect families, and defend the truth!

E. Everett Bartlett, PhD, President
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE)
P.O. Box 1221
Rockville, MD 20849
Office: 301-801-0608
Cell: 301-670-1964

SAVE is a 501(c)3 victim-advocacy organization working for evidence-based solutions to domestic violence and sexual assault.


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Deeply flawed bill introduced into American Congress

It looks as though the American Congress is about to emulate the Welsh National Assembly! As I reported some while ago, the Welsh Assembly is proposing to introduce legislation to try to prevent domestic violence AGAINST WOMEN; in other words they propose to tackle HALF the problem, thus showing extreme bias in favour of women and against men. Not that this is the ONLY bias shown by the Welsh Assembly. Figures I obtained from the Assembly itself clearly show that, of the millions made available to charities and organisations in Wales, 94% goes to women’s charities and organisations and a mere 6% to men’s. Need I say more?

It comes as something of a shock therefore to learn that similar legislation is now being proposed by the President of the United States where “equality” has been espoused for many years; but, it seems, women are more equal than men. However, “cometh the hour cometh the men”!   Fathers and Families New York  are asking your help to fight this planned inequality and get Congress to face the fact that women commit domestic violence too – 40% of it!  I publish below their latest appeal to try to get American politicians to treat men and women equally.

Please read the following carefully and TAKE ACTION!

  • “Petitioning The President of the United States

Congress: Don’t Export Discrimination Against Male and LGBT Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a problem throughout the world. A bill known as the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) has been introduced in Congress to combat domestic violence in other countries.  But the bill is deeply flawed because it assumes that all abuse is male-on-female and ignores both men abused by women and LGBT victims.  If the bill were to pass, large classes of victims would be silenced and denied access to services. 

The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK) has looked at domestic violence in 85 countries around the world and that found men and women were equally likely to be abuse perpetrators in most cases (1).  PASK also found that LGBT couples were at increased risk of domestic violence (2). 

In order to stop domestic violence, it is crucial that our approach be based on sound science, not politically correct ideology.  I-VAWA ignores the results of scientific research and the existence of large classes of victims.  Please join us in calling on members of Congress to vote ‘No’ on the International Violence Against Women Act. “




On its long journey of “social progression” Norway disregarded marriage and thought that divorce was not such a bad thing. This policy has created a vast amount of damage to millions of married couples and their children and, in an effort to curb their 40% divorce rate the Government suggests that married couples  should start going out on “date nights” and treat each other once again as lovers.

The suggestion came from Solveig Horne the recently appointed Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion. She thinks she might have saved her own marriage if she and her husband had done this. She is also asking for an increase in funding for family counselling in order to decrease the number of divorces.

She commented: “In a busy life of work and family, the week can feel too short to attend to your relationship with your partner, so each couple needs to decide what sort of a date night they should have, whether it’s a night at the movies or a walk together without the kids for a couple of hours.”

The US National Marriage Project discovered that couples who had time out together once a week were 3.5 times more likely to be very happy in their marriages than those who had difficulty in doing this.

This is a real Norwegian about turn for a country which for so many years has treated divorce as a normal happening within society. Noway’s neighbours would do well to copy this example.

There’s an important message here too for the USA and many Western nations: INVESTING IN MARRIAGE IS A GOOD THING AND HAS BEEN THE BUILDING BLOCK OF NATIONS FOR MANY CENTURIES.

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Gender biased family services: killing children in the UK


Karen Woodall published another fair-thinking and forthright article on 4th October this year. She explains that Keanu died because feminism has been successful in getting social services to always put the needs of women first.
As I explained in a previous post, this is exactly what the  Welsh Assembly plan to do in their treatment of domestic violence; they plan ONLY FOR WOMEN. This means that men will die because of the neglect of them by Welsh Assembly policy.
The quote below from Karen Woodall’s article below makes interesting reading.

“The reports of Filicide, the murder by a mother of her child, are all over the news this week.

Baby P, Daniel Pelka, Hamzah Khan, Keanu Williams being just four names that are engraved upon our consciousness, not just because of their untimely deaths, but because of the nature of the suffering inflicted upon them before they died.

Collective handwringing is in evidence up and down the land and who is to blame is being widely discussed.  The sight of the Head of Birmingham Children’s Safeguarding Board attempting to squirm out of the reality of her responsibility for allowing yet another death of a child to happen on her watch, was excrutiating on the BBC news last night.  Her words, in a statement released this week scream out the reality of why children are dying.

‘I wish, on behalf of all the statutory agencies who sit on the Board to express very deep regret and distress about Keanu’s death. We apologise unequivocally for what were totally unacceptable and unnecessary failures both collectively and individually in every organisation which had contact with Keanu. We fully accept all the findings of the Serious Case Review and the recommendations made.

Keanu died because there was failure across every agency to see, hear and respond to him in the context of what he was experiencing at any one point in time. Staff were distracted by his mother’s needs and by taking what she was telling them at face value.’

Staff were distracted by his mother’s needs and by taking what she was telling them at face value.  In other words, a systemic use of gender biased practice which focuses practitioners not on the needs of children, but on the rights and needs of women.  If ever there was proof needed that social work and our children and family services are,  as a very senior social worker said recently, a ‘feminist industry’, this is it.  Gender biased family services, upholding the rights and needs of women above those of children, are killing those children in a neighborhood near you and until we name it, we are never going to stop it.”

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Stuntman was domestic violence victim

As I have previously reported in this blog, the violence exhibited by women has increased hugely over recent years. These quotes from an article by Mark Duell published in The Sun on Sunday  on 15 September 2013 is just one example of the gross and unfeeling violence by a woman.


“A brain-damaged former motorbike stuntman last night revealed he blamed himself for suffering humiliating beatings from his now-jailed wife.

Father-of-three Eddie Kidd, 54, of Peacehaven, East Sussex, was kicked and strangled in front of carers by former stripper Samantha, 44, who told the daredevil he was ‘a f****** spastic’.

Mr Kidd was one of the world’s most famous stunt riders until he suffered serious head and pelvic injuries following a failed stunt jump in 1996 in Warwickshire which left him unable to walk.

 In his prime Mr Kidd was a hugely famous stunt rider. He first stunned spectators in December 1979, when he jumped 80ft across the gap in a derelict railway bridge in Essex on a 400cc Yamaha.

Mr Kidd’s achievements culminated in 1993 when he jumped the Great Wall of China and beat Robbie Knievel, son of Evel Knievel, to the stunt bike world championship.

 He told “The Sun on Sunday”: ‘She had started drinking heavily and would just change. She would slap me in the face and punch me in the chest and arms, strangle me and say horrible things.

‘As a man, any man, to be beaten by your wife is desperately humiliating and, in a way, shameful.  I ended up blaming myself – thinking she had taken too much – or, that it was my fault.

 She continued with ‘a barrage of abuse and swearing’ before launching a quick succession of half a dozen blows to his face and head, the court was told.

On another occasion, she was said to have kicked Mr Kidd in retaliation after a carer had difficulty helping him out of a car and into a wheelchair.

In a separate incident, the court heard she slapped Mr Kidd’s face in ‘retaliation and frustration’ at his hand coming off a rail and coming into contact with her.

 ‘I took on so much when I was riding. Then after all the stunts, all the fanfare, I am sat in a chair being beaten by my wife and there is nothing I can do.’

Mrs Kidd was arrested for domestic violence last December after her husband’s family reported her to police days after the couple split up. She was jailed for five months for four assaults last month.

District Judge William Ashworth said Mrs Kidd had committed an ‘abuse of trust and power’.

He added: ‘These four assaults on Eddie Kidd represent a pattern of violent behaviour towards your husband which, taken together, are in the highest bracket for sentencing guidelines.’

He added: ‘Whatever you felt about his disability, you didn’t shy away from raining six punches on him or slapping, kicking and throttling him so much that you had to be pulled off him.’ “



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