Getting in touch with WHOSE side?

When feminism was alive and well we frequently heard talk about WOMEN being able to do whatever they wanted in the way of their careers. They could become doctors, lawyers, engineers etc etc, anything except being a housewife and mother. Today, of course, they can even take up the last two options without fear of criticism and, apart from some part-time work in the professions, e.g. doctors, many women do. Most women who work outside the home do so because of financial pressures.

However, despite criticising others for dealing in stereotypes, we sometimes hear, even today, talk about MEN “getting in touch with their feminine side” if ever they show sympathy or compassion towards others. The truth is that MEN DO NOT HAVE A FEMININE SIDE! Any sympathy, compassion or tenderness shown by a man is part of his MASCULINE SIDE.

The idea, promulgated by feminists in their heyday, that all women are virtual saints and that all men are thoroughly bad, has been knocked on the head in recent years as the spate of violence in the home by women, killing their own and others’ children and child abuse by them even while ostensibly caring for children in nursery, has finally been revealed. Also that fact that, in the UK, violence is now the number one crime committed by women.

If a woman becomes an engineer, or if she is able to drive a car or even play rugby, we never hear about such women “getting in touch with their MASCULINE side”. This is just women being “empowered” – whatever that might mean. I think there is a lot of truth in the cartoon printed below. The woman stands by a wishing well and drops a coin in wishing for intelligence, creativity, logic and driving skills. Her wish is instantly granted and she turns into a man!! Incidentally, please feel free to reprint the cartoon if you so wish.


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