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Working women must stop blaming men for their troubles

Quote: I’m starting to wonder if many of us need to find a better drum to beat than the one that blames men for our problems. – Natalie Barr


In a forthright and honest article in the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) in March 2014 Natalie Barr shows that the “glass ceiling” is a total myth as the following quotes from her article show:

“Am I the only woman who’s not angry at men? I’m a woman and I have never felt discriminated against. There. I’ve said it.

I’m not angry at men. I can’t remember being passed over for a promotion because of a man and I have never felt undervalued ­because I’m a woman.

I went to a co-ed country Catholic school and the boys were my mates. Just like the girls. Maybe that’s where it started – my view that I was just as good as the opposite sex.

No one ever told me I wasn’t. And they still haven’t.

That doesn’t mean by any stretch that I’ve been positive and confident and happy every day of my life. It just means I don’t blame men for my troubles.

When I was 20 I missed out on a cadetship at the ABC, but I didn’t for a second think it was because I was a girl.

I just had no bloody idea what I was doing; and they could tell. . .
. . . I worked overseas for a few years and, of this ­December, I’ll have been at Channel Seven for 20 years.

For nearly half that time I was a reporter for the 6pm news. I started off doing very low profile stories, because I was a pretty inexperienced journalist.

I don’t remember the other junior male reporters being given better stories than me.

They were learning too. Some days I got a good story, other days the boys did. They were the days where the producer yelled at you if you stuffed up a story, and I can tell you it was ­definitely equal opportunity yelling. . . .
. . . In the past few weeks though, I’ve felt that there has been a growing tide of women attacking men in general.

I’m starting to wonder if many of us need to find a better drum to beat than the one that blames men for most of our problems.

Isn’t it about time we took some ownership?

If a man got the job ahead of you, was it because he was better?

That can’t be impossible … can it?

Should we be brutally honest with ourselves and ask if we need to change the way we approach things?

I just don’t think “us” against “them” helps anybody in the long run.”


What a refreshingly honest and rare piece of writing. I expect Natalie Barr will be the object of a lot of criticism by other women who haven’t made the grade when in competition with men. Some women are prepared to blame anyone but themselves for their own incompetence. It’s time women grew up and took responsibility for their own actions.



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