Posted by: amos2008 | June 7, 2014

Women admit perpetrating more domestic violence than men

American poll reveals the truth about violent women

In the past, if ever you heard about or read about domestic violence it was always assumed that the victim was female and the perpetrator was male. Whenever the subject was mentioned in TV newscasts in the UK or discussed in the Welsh Assembly this was certain to be the case.

Frankly they just got it WRONG. In a survey of 11,000 men and women in America of ages 18 to 28 the following questions were asked:

1. How often in the past year have you threatened your partner with violence, pushed him or her, or thrown something at him or her that could hurt, and how often has your partner done that to you?

2. How often in the past year have you hit, slapped or kicked your partner, and how often has your partner done that to you?

3. If there has been any violence in your relationship, how often has either partner suffered any injury, such as a sprain bruise or cut?

28% of women and 10% of men admitted there was some violence in their relationship. Women admitted perpetrating 25% of the violence and the men admitted perpetrating 11%.

According to both men and women 50% of the violence was reciprocal but the women admitted to being the first to strike.

When both partners were involved men were more likely to inflict injury – 29% by men and 19% by women.

When the violence was by one partner both men and women said that women were the perpetrators 70% of the time. Men were most likely to be injured 25% of the time and women were injured 20% of the time.
It really is time that the media dragged themselves into the twenty-first century and realised just how violent women are.



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