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UK Government finally admits the existence of abuse against men and boys

 On a number of postings on this blog I have reiterated the fact that men are treated as second-class citizens when it comes to being the victims of domestic abuse etc. Women who abuse men and boys seldom have to answer for their crimes, and when they do, they are given derisory sentences.

 The Welsh Assembly Government is, at the moment, planning legislation to stop “domestic abuse against women and girls”; obviously they just don’t care about the 40% who are male victims.

 This quote from an article by Ally Fogg in the Independent shows that AT LAST the UK Government admits the problem and is doing something about it by setting up a fund to help.


 “The significance is not in the sum of money. While £500,000 is more than welcome, and will make a huge difference to the funded organisations and their clients, nobody would pretend it can do more than scrape at the scale of a problem which impacts an estimated 72,000 new adult victims every year and untold numbers of children. 

 “Nor does the significance lie in acknowledgement of the problem – charities have previously been funded for limited work with male victims, and in the light of historic sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic church and social service care homes, no one can plead ignorance as to the extent of horrors involved. . .

 “The historic significance of today’s announcement is that it marks the first time that a British government of any stripe has ringfenced any quantity of victim support funding specifically to help men and boys. It may only be half a million quid, but it is a priceless milestone. . .

“This has consequences for male victims which go far beyond access to funding and resources. The voices and views of male victims are often excluded from debates about the investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes, despite considerable evidence to show there are specific and complex issues around men’s and boys’ willingness to report and testify. Debates around cultures of victim-blaming often focus exclusively on women’s supposed behaviour or appearance, almost never on men’s sexuality, despite extensive evidence that male victims, just like female victims, are commonly assumed to have been ‘asking for it.’ “


The UK charity, ManKind Initiative, consistently produces figures on its website-   – showing the numbers of men and boys who suffer domestic abuse and who are consistently short-changed by an uncaring government, the feminist-run BBC and many sections of the media.

But men have now had enough and are standing up to be counted. Various men’s organisations are arising all over the UK with the aim of getting equal treatment for men. The forthcoming EU elections will, without doubt send shockwaves through the UK as UKIP members will be elected to that body which is way past its sell-by date.

Welsh men will doubtless be looking forward to the next election for the Assembly; it will be a glorious chance to get rid of Assembly members who are currently ignoring the plight of men. And the men in the whole of the UK will be keen to replace many MPs now sitting in Parliament when the 2015 election takes place. The Half a million pounds referred to above won’t get them off the hook; they’ll have to do a lot better than that.



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