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Anyone who is interested in equality for men will be pleased to hear of “EQUALITY4MEN” site. This article recently published by them shows that there is now another genuine movement afoot to counteract the sex bias of the feminist movement which, after over half a century of activity has not only constantly attacked men but has also failed women. There is a lot of information in this article to cater for all tastes and opinions of those who espouse genuine equality.

welcome to equality4men

 Welcome to equality4men, the global campaign to transform the way the world works for men and boys.

We’re committed to living in world that works for people of all genders and the equality4men campaign is focused on the personal, political and practical concerns of men and boys in the 21st Century.

Most of our activity is currently centred on the UK and the English-speaking world and we’re in the business of growing our international community to reach men and boys in every corner of the globe—so wherever you are in the world, we’d love you to join us and help us grow this community together.

If men’s issues are of interest to you—or even if you’re just a little bit curious—then why not take some time to explore the equality4men website today?

Our magazine4men is a good place to start as it’s full of great articles about men and boys issues for you to read and share with others—visit the magazine4men section now.

Then there’s our growing campaign4men section, which highlights issues we’d like to tackle to help us improve the lives of men and boys all over the world—have a look at our campaign4men section now.

If you like the sound of our campaigns and want to find out more about equality4men, then why not read about our equality4men book that will be available for you to buy soon—find out more about the equality4men book here.

We’ve also begun to develop a range of products for people interested in men and boys’ issues, which you can find in our shop4men and books4men sections. By spending a little at our shop today you can help us to develop our work making a difference for men and boys around the world.

We also have sections on events, help4men, an about section and a contact page so you can find out more about Equality 4 Men and how you can get involved in our campaigns if you want to.

Finally, if you are in the business of trying to engage more effectively with men and boys then you may be interested to learn about our Helping Men consultancy which offers a range of services and products.

Thanks for taking time to find out more about equality4men today, we hope you enjoy your visit and will stay connected with our global community.


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