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Feminism – destroyer of civilization and society

 In the 1970s Sir John Glubb, (a.k.a. Glubb Pasha) wrote his book “End of Empire” in which he examined the rise and fall of the major empires of the last 4,000 years. Bernard Goetz in “When the Empire Strikes Out“, by using some of the material published in Sir John Glubb’s book, points out the following features of a declining empire:

1.   The decline of sexual morality.

2.   An aversion to marriage in favour of cohabitation.

3.   An increased divorce rate. This happened in Rome and was one of the factors responsible for the downfall of the Roman Empire.

4.   Gay sex becomes publicly acceptable. This happened in Greece before they were conquered by Rome.

5.   The increased economic and political power of women. Women were found in large numbers in the workforce and professions. They became athletes, actresses and even gladiators.

6.   An influx of foreign immigrants into the empire’s capital and major cities. The argument was that they “helped the economy” and helped to protect the empire. Actually the multi-cultural element introduced helped to bring about the downfall of the empire.

7.   Both frivolity and pessimism increase among the people and their leaders. In order to find “solutions” to life’s problems, people turned to a luxurious lifestyle often funded on debt, extreme sexual activity, drugs and alcohol.

8.   The government provides welfare for the poor extensively. By providing handouts people were encouraged to become dependent and lazy and were content to live a lower standard of life without fear of starvation and regarded it as “their right”.

Does all this sound horribly familiar and terribly modern? This quote from an article by Charlie Rees makes an interesting comparison:

“Of all the corrosive, nonsensical and damaging movements that have come and gone in American society, none has caused more damage than feminism. Thank God it now seems to be falling out of favour.

It goes without saying that no country can be strong without strong families, and feminism directly attacked the very concept of families. It urged young women to slut around. If men are promiscuous, why shouldn’t you be? That alone shows the degree of stupidity that is characteristic of the feminist movement. That’s why the feminists bear responsibility for the plight of so many single mothers.

Rules that conform to nature produce positive results. Rules that conflict with nature produce bad results. Through the centuries, Western civilization developed some rules that took into account the natural differences between men and women. The male is by nature promiscuous. Sex to the male is like eating a good meal – an enjoyable experience but one you can get up and walk away from without any thought. The woman, designed by nature to be a mother and susceptible to becoming pregnant, invests much more emotion in it.           

So society, to protect women, develops rules to discourage promiscuity by both sexes. Even in my day, the rule was iron-tight. If you got a girl pregnant, you married her. No debate. No excuses. If you abandoned her and the baby, you were a worthless, lowdown dog. There were also social penalties against the girl who slept around. These rules weren’t 100 percent effective, but they definitely put a restraint on the libido. There were far fewer teen pregnancies and single moms than there are now.           

But the feminists dismantled these rules. Women are just like men, they said. You pick your own guys to sleep with and walk away when you’re finished. Sex is for recreation. Well, anybody but a stupid feminist would have realized that the group that welcomed that message the most was the males. When females started saying, “Let’s have sex with no obligations,” the male said, “You betcha.”           

Of course, a necessary ingredient of feminist-promoted promiscuity is abortion on demand, since no method of birth control is 100 percent effective. This has literally led to the deaths of more innocents than the Holocaust. And for what reason? Simply as an adjunct to recreational sex without responsibility.           

Another stupid thing feminists did was attack motherhood and make it seem that working was the better choice. Anybody with life experience knows that it is 100 times more difficult and requires more intelligence and more energy to be a good wife and mother than to perform any corporate job. Corporations run themselves. Families don’t. Most of the jobs men do no sensible woman would want to do.”

Robert Wagner writes about feminist ploys to advance their cause along the following lines:           

“It was the 2nd wave of Feminists, active in the early 20th century, who were marxists. They were all over the government bureaucracies by then, and a lot of them ended up in propaganda offices. The big wars of the 20th century were their playgrounds. Every time we had another war, they gleefully saw young men leaving their wives and sweethearts behind. Back then they openly advocated the masculinization of women. They had female combat troops in Russia and Israel, and were active in the WACs in the USA, and they recruited for women to replace men in the factories (PERMANENTLY-that was the whole point of the permanent revolution; moms in the factories and pushing the ploughs, dads in the trenches). That butch poster of “Rosie the Riveter” by communist propagandist J. Howard Miller is still popular in lesbian bars; they know what they are doing.”

He also adds these stinging rebukes to feminism later in the same article:

“Equal pay for equal work” is an oxymoron. You don’t have to tell employers how much they are required to pay ANYBODY. That is communism. Employers pay people what they are worth, or people move on and find someone else who will. It is as simple as that. Women get paid less because they spend fewer late nights, can’t lift as much, take more sick days, etc. All so-called “civil rights” laws (a malapropism; they have nothing to do with civil rights), which promote “positive rights” (that is, priviledges) instead of negative rights (ie, right NOT to be tortured to extract a confession, right not to be considered guilty before proven so, etc), should be abolished. Their very existence distracts attention away from all the negative rights we have already lost.

            Voting is also problematic. If women vote, they will tend to vote themselves welfare, which is their reward for keeping quiet when the breadwinners are dispatched to the colonies for the “white man’s burden” thing. Again, this is communism. The solution is to have less voting for both genders. Voting yourself a bigger slice of someone else’s pie is not an option. That’s how Lord Acton predicted that democracy would collapse on its own corruption.”

            Obviously then society needed feminism like it needed the proverbial hole in the head. Of the three “isms” promulgated as saviours of the twentieth century: communism, fascism and feminism, it is now clear that it was feminism which caused the greatest damage and misery in the Western World. Interestingly, in the list of books voted to cause most damage in the twentieth century, books on these three subjects came in the top seven.

            To most societies, both communism and fascism were enemies from without which tried to infiltrate other systems and societies, whereas feminism was an enemy within, always more insidious and destructive and therefore more difficult to eradicate. But to save our society, eradicated it must be, root and branch, otherwise the decline and fall of Western Civilization is soon to parallel that of the Roman Empire.




  1. Great read.

  2. The baby boomers had cleverly planned the collapse in a way so it would happen long after they had all enjoyed their retirements and passed away, thus trapping the future immigrants completely unawares of the impending disaster. Thus we have all the pensions and entitlements in place hoping that future workers will keep the giant ponzi going.
    However, that collapse will now happen much sooner, turning the retirements of all of the baby boomers into a living nightmare. So be prepared…the ponzi cannot be sustained any longer.

  3. The vast majority of society is completely oblivious to all of this. There few individuals around that understand it and see the overall big picture. Try explaining any element of this to anyone, especially baby boomers, and they will laugh it off and call you a “conspiracy theorist” or “extremist”. Sure, I suppose one could make immoral decisions and end up living a much more “funner” life full of thrills and enjoyment that wouldn’t have been experienced with the alternative. But those decisions are what affects future generations. Once kids are born and brought up without families and moral structure, knowledge preservation, values, and ethics are lost. Society falls apart and then it is easily ruled by an athiestic oligarchy. It’s no coincidence that in the old Soviet Union, communism and feminism just so happened to exist together.

    Then you might have people of society that kinda know this, but they could careless. What do they care about what happens after they are dead? Well, you see, they will care. Once all prophecies of the bible are fullfilled, they will find themselves standing before Jesus, our King. They will face the consequences of their actions.

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  7. Well done for reading sir john glubbs essay. It’s a must read.

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