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400 naked vaginas – the great wall of vagina


 As mankind entered the twenty-first century the impotence of feminism became increasingly obvious. The original hairy legged, bra-burning, in-your-face feminism of the 1960s and 70s changed into the “let’s get even with men” feminism when women, particularly those in the media and led by the BBC et al, tried to treat men the way they claimed men had treated them and about which they objected.

There was a time in the eighties when the scripts of Aussie soaps were written by a bunch of feminists and their main aim was to make men look inept and silly while, at the same time, casting women as nothing less than heroines. I remember one episode when the manager of a hotel used a girl in a bikini to advertise his hotel. All the women were outraged. It was “disgusting” etc. “Fancy using a girl in a bikini in an advert!” This, despite the fact that they could be viewed in large numbers on any Australian beach. That was when I gave up on Aussie soaps.

In the UK a female MP led a gang of girls into W.H.Smiths to object to girly magazines being sold. They didn’t raise any objections to the fact that W.H.Smiths were selling the “All men are bastards” diary. It was left to men to sort out this problem. After protesting to W.H.Smith and the offending diaries still being on sale, men destroyed them on the shelves. There is nothing less saleable than a diary sprayed with sump oil !

In the early 1970s the Virago publishing company was launched with books by women about women etc. But when sales started to go downhill they had to resort to books written by men. A tacky left wing feminist magazine called “Spare Rib” was launched. Because it was so shoddy, Smiths refused to stock it and after struggling on for 21 years it closed down.

Strangely enough it was in 1970 that the “Page Three Girls” were launched in the Sun newspaper. There were all manner of protests to get them banned but they’ve continued for forty years and many other tabloids have copied the idea. Well, after all, doesn’t it “empower” women?

Then we had a time of re-branding of feminism: second-wave feminism, feminism that was also good for men etc. But by the end of the twentieth century it became obvious that feminism had lost the battle. To save face, many of the things feminism had complained about such as using nude women in adverts suddenly were found to “empower” women. Many lads magazines awash with nude and semi-nude women suddenly sprang up, all of which it seems, “empowered” women.  A year ago an attempt was made to persuade shops to put the lads magazines out of the sight of children. This time W.H.Smith’ would have none of it, and refused.

Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” launched in 1996 was a last ditch attempt to empower women by talking openly about their pussies to an audience much to the amusement of a great number of men. This undoubtedly led to the massive surge in young women shaving their pubic hair and being photographed with spread legs on thousands of websites. There must now be millions of them. All very willing and, of course, “empowered”.

But the coup de grace must surely have happened last May when “The Great Wall of Vagina” was put on show in Brighton, UK, by the artist Jamie McCarthy.

The 400 vaginas on show

He originally planned to make 40 plaster casts of women’s naked vaginas to put on display in his gallery. But when he advertised for women to take part in this artwork, he was nearly knocked over in the rush. Women from 18 to 77 and from all points of the compass flocked to Jamie’s studio to lie on a table naked from the waist down, spread their legs to display their wrinkly bits, and get a dollop of cold plaster thrust into their shaved pussies.

Jamie’s casting technique

How empowering can you get? Jamie worked hard for five years to plaster that many women and to build his wall. Imagine having to say 400 times “OK Kid just lie down there and spread ‘em”.

one of the cast panels showing an assortment of
vaginas in varying states of sexual arousal.

This interesting duo is cast from a pair of identical twins. And I always thought that twins were so very alike ! Mind you, I’ve never enquired about what’s up down there.

Cast from identical twins who are not so identical.

Naturally news of the great wall soon spread all over the web and the many hundreds of comments from men are absolutely hilarious. Here’s a selection with a few from women as well:

I’m an art student and though i’m not into sculpture I know students that do it and in order to cast any body part, it needs to be hair free. Otherwise, well, let’s just say it would be hellish unpleasant for the person whose bajingo was being cast…

“The last time I saw anything like this collection of wrinkly bits was on a barbecue rack.”

But yeah, I agree that naked vag’s cast by a male don’t seem empowering in the slightest…

On second thought, it looks like most of them were landscaped.

Reminds me of the rhyme: “A woman’s behind goes right round to the front, and where it emerges they call it a **** “

“I know number 3 on panel 2.”

One of the volunteers said, “It’s like going to the dentist”…… Excuse me, but it sounds like your dentist needs to be struck off!

Why do all the vaginas have mustaches?! I have led a sheltered life.

Men like to twiddle their mustaches (at least in the old silent movies) so putting them where you did might help them find where they should be twiddling. I think that would’ve helped this whole exhibit…arrows pointing to the sweet spot.

I am kinda wondering if they are snickering to themselves in glee over making their dream come true in a very creepy way

Such a mass of pussies doesn’t enhance one of them. I always say “One fish at a time is good fishing.”

I was in the same class as number 4 top row panel 1. She was skinny then.

I’ve had daydreams about something like this, when I’ve been spending “quality time” with myself.

Number 6 third row looks as though she can’t wait.

Now for £39, you can buy a bucket of plaster to put on your vagoo that “might just bring out the hidden Michaelangelo in you!” Sold, sir!*

When I was younger, I’d pretty much only ever seen those ‘mature 15+’ airbrushed and very ‘tidy’ softcore images of women. I definitely thought there was something wrong with mine with the bits that didn’t stay tidily tucked in there, haha.

Some of those vaginas look like someone got lazy halfway through tucking the folds inside the lips and kinda just let them spill out all willy nilly.

If these walls could only talk……it’d be The Vagina Monologues.

If there were two, it could be The Vagina Dialogues, or A Tale Of Two Clities.

This does not empower me. It makes me think – “god, bajingos are ugly.”

Why do some of them look like a knotted rope is protruding?

It rubs the lotion on its bajingo.
It does this whenever its told.
For if there’s no lotion on the bajingo
it cannot escape the mold.

I think there’s an ointment for vag burnout.

And finally a picture from a wag who added moustaches
or should that be pusstaches? 

I can only add that the overall effect of all this work is not a pretty sight. It probably accounts for the fact that many artists in the past who specialised in painting the nude female figure, never painted the vagina; the bit between the women’s legs were generally rendered as a grey haze with no detail as though they wished to cast a veil over that part of a woman’s anatomy. This particular “art” exhibition does not do women any favours. The female vagina has an obvious utilitarian use but that’s it really isn’t it?

Incidentally if you wish to study this “art” further there is a book published at the price of £20. In this some of the volunteers explain why they did it.

And if a video on the subject interests you here’s one of the many available:



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